Classic Milk Oolong Tea

Classic Milk Oolong Tea

Amazing classic Jin Xuan tea with a sweet orchid fragrance and flavor, an excellent addition to your tea collection.

Product Description

History of Jin Xuan:

Jin Xuan or Nai Xiang Oolong comes from Taiwan. Milk Oolong tea is recognized for its unique milky fragrance and taste. Jin Xuan Oolong is available and very popular in Taiwan and other parts of the world for its ideal unique tea and affordable prices. This tea has been gaining popularity in the United States and Russia as well.


Tea Quality, Packaging & Certification:



Country of Origin

Taiwan, China

Smell & Taste

Sweet Orchid


Dry, odor-free, dark place


Vacuum sealed

How To Brew & Steep This Tea:

1. Choose Tea 2. Clean & Warm Up Teapot 3.  Wash Tea in Pot 4. Steep/Brew Your Tea 5.  Wash Tea Ware 6. Throw Out Used Tea


2-3 teaspoons


92°C / 197°F

Brewing Time

1-2 min

Total Fluids

7-18 cups

Ancient Legends of Benefits :

Strengthens  immunity, promotes anti-aging,  promotes weight loose and natural beauty.

Additional Information


20g, 50g, 100g


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