Premium Alpine Oolong Tea Samples 64g

Alpine Oolong teas are grown in altitudes of 1,000 meters up in the High Taiwan Mountains.

Tea Variety Pack : Contains a sample of Dong Ding Oolong, Jin Xuan Milk Oolong, Lishan Tea, and Alishan Tea

Contents: 8 Bags / 8g each Total: 64g

Product Description

History of Taiwan Alpine Teas:

Gaoshan tea are usually handplucked and are grown slowly due to the lack of air in high altitudes. Hence, the yield of Gaoshan tea are really low every year. There are two kinds of Gaoshan tea based on the season, there are the Winter Gaoshan harvested during late October and Spring Gaoshan Tea which is harvested during the middle of June. Both types of Gaoshan tea are a representation of the new harvesting season and the end.It takes about 36 to 40 hours to produce a batch of Gaoshan Tea and if weather allows, the handplucked teas are spread on top of a tarp to produce the aroma profiles such as jasmine, rose and geranium. The tea is folded to bruise the leaf for oxidation and is then transferred to another tray to ferment and wither for eight hours. It is then packaged as "Handkerchief teas" where farmers emphasize on the quality of the tea rather than the quantity.




Country of Origin

Taiwan, China

Smell & Taste

Sweet, Smoky, Milky, Orchid


Dry, odor-free, dark place


Vacuum sealed

How To Brew & Steep This Tea:

1. Choose Tea 2. Clean & Warm Up Teapot 3.  Wash Tea in Pot 4. Steep/Brew Your Tea 5.  Wash Tea Ware 6. Throw Out Used Tea


2-3 teaspoons


89°C / 192.2°F

Brewing Time

1-2 min

Total Fluids


Ancient Legends of Benefits :

Strengthens  immunity, promotes anti-aging,  promotes weight loose and natural beauty.


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