Supreme French Rose Tea Buds

Supreme French Rose Buds Tea

Supreme French Rose Tea Buds are an amazing addition to your tea brewing or could be drank just purely on its own.

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Product Description

A full taste of dried roses and powerful rosy aroma will indulge your every taste bud. This French Rose Tea can handle multiple steepings and retains flavor within 3-7 cups of tea from a few bugs. When infused this tea produces a pale brew. The tea from French rose has been known to improve digestion, skin quality, blood circulation, and prevent depression. This rose bud tea is caffeine-free and is considered one of the best herbal drinks which produces a calming effect.


Tea Quality, Packaging & Certification:



Country of Origin


Smell & Taste

Rosy Bloom


Dry, odor-free, dark place


Vacuum sealed

How To Brew & Steep This Tea:

1. Choose Tea 2. Clean & Warm Up Teapot 3.  Wash Tea in Pot 4. Steep/Brew Your Tea 5.  Wash Tea Ware 6. Throw Out Used Tea


1-3 Buds


70–85 °C / 158–185 °F

Brewing Time

1-3 min

Total Fluids

200-700 ml

Ancient Legends of Benefits :

Strengthens  immunity, promotes anti-aging,  promotes weight loose and natural beauty.

Additional Information


20g, 50g


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