Supreme Ivan Tea | Fireweed Tea | Rosebay Willowherb Tea

This 50 gram bag of Ivan Tea will impress you with its blooming field flavor and smell. Great tea to drink in a sauna or after a bath. Supreme grade Rosebay Willowherb / Fireweed tea contains fermented leaves, flowers, and stems.

Product Description

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History of Rosebay Willowherb Tea:

In the pre-Soviet Russia Ivan Tea or Fireweed Tea was the most popular tea among the Imperial Elite of 17th century. Surprisingly, Ivan Tea was so popular it was one of the most popular products exported from Russia to the entire world. Many Native American Indians used and still use Fireweed as food and a tea beverage. This tea was and still used for daily drinking as well as a beverage drank in Russian Baths and saunas. Russian Orthodox Christians always praised this herb for its unstoppable growth in Yukon type of weather and in swampy areas which were plagued by forest fires.


How To Brew & Steep This Tea:

1. Choose Tea 2. Clean & Warm Up Teapot 3.  Wash Tea in Pot 4. Steep/Brew Your Tea 5.  Wash Tea Ware 6. Throw Out Used Tea


1-2 tablespoons


87°C / 189°F

Brewing Time

1-2 min

Total Fluids

300-700 ml

Additional Information


20g, 50g, 100g


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