Supreme Lapsang Souchong Tea

Supreme Lapsang Souchong is strong, full body smoky black tea which tastes great on it's own or in combination with other black and red teas.

Product Description

History of Lapsang Souchong:

Lapsang souchong is probably the first black tea in recorded history. Lapsang souchong tea was used for producing a verity of sub categories of black teas therefore, people began to move the tea bush genetics to different places of the world.

During the Qing era armies have delayed the primary crucial processing of the tea leaves in the Wuyi Mountain. In attempt to speed up the process the  tea factories began to dry the tea leaves over low fires seasoned by aromas of local pine trees.

Currently this tea is no longer smoked over pine fires due to issues in deforestation.


Tea Quality, Packaging & Certification:



Country of Origin

Wuyi Mountain, China

Smell & Taste

Smoky taste


Dry, odor-free, dark place.


Vacuum sealed.

How To Brew & Steep This Tea:

1. Choose Tea 2. Clean & Warm Up Teapot 3.  Wash Tea in Pot 4. Steep/Brew Your Tea 5.  Wash Tea Ware 6. Throw Out Used Tea

1-2 tablespoons


97°C / 205°F

Brewing Time

1-2 min

Total Fluids

300-700 ml

Ancient Legends of Benefits :

Strengthens  immunity, promotes anti-aging,  promotes weight loose and natural beauty.

Additional Information


20g, 50g, 100g


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